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Our approach

Kartesia’s expertise is built on both its knowledge of the small and mid-cap leveraged buyout (LBO) market as well as its extensive network. This enables us to evaluate each opportunity in its entirety, including the macro-economic outlook, industry dynamics and the companies’ specificities on an operational as well as on a financial level.

A pan-European platform

Kartesia is a pan-European platform with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Munich and Paris. We are leveraging this local presence to build an even stronger network and work right alongside the small and mid-sized firms that we serve.

A true multi-sector specialist

Our focus is on the small and mid-cap segment of the European market rather than specific sectors. Kartesia has experience in a vast range of sectors and concentrates on companies with international exposure, industry-leading market positions, strong brands or other unique and differentiating factors. Occasionally, we also consider middle-market companies which are at a turning point of their development, including some in financial distress or in need of a deep capital restructuring.

Our rigorous risk assessment process

Due to Kartesia’s risk-averse nature, we ensure we have a solid downside protection for our investments. Each transaction goes through a rigorous risk assessment process - we believe that a risk evaluation on the back of a transaction with a fundamental and disciplined credit analysis is paramount to a long-term and stable successful investment strategy. Our due diligence process is consistent and thorough with a strong focus on cash flow generation and principal repayment.

A consensual partner

A key feature of our investment strategy is to provide credit solutions in a consensual environment, which is of particular importance in a diverse European legal framework. This is achieved through our understanding of issuers, shareholders and banks’ constraints, and a continued and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, with whom we have been working collaboratively over the years.

Our proactive monitoring

Kartesia’s fundamental approach is completed by our close relationship with our portfolio companies. This allows for seasoned monitoring across all dimensions of credit risk. Proactive management of our investments allows us to identify early signs of stress across industries, regions and individual credits, giving us the ability to take pre-emptive action.

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