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The Kartesia Philanthropy dedicated vehicle, under the umbrella of the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to foster generosity, resilience, and community support. We choose to partner and financially support charities engaged in causes with identifiable impact on children’s well-being, health and education. We believe children are the next enablers of social and environmental changes. The Kartesia Pan-European Philanthropy board chooses to accompany charities directly endorsed by the firm’s collaborators.


Our approach is human and financial

While Kartesia Philanthropy offers financial support to selected charities, the firm also actively encourages and engages our collaborators in meaningful charitable activities. These initiatives occur at least once a year during and outside working hours, leveraging Kartesia’s extensive networks, including portfolio companies, CEOs, and business partners. These annual charity initiatives are funded either directly by Kartesia or through fundraising efforts organized by our dedicated collaborators.

Kartesia Philantrophy Work

Our close collaborations

Institut Curie

Our support to Institut Curie in France

Kartesia Philanthropy has decided to extend its support to the AYA (Adolescents & Young Adults) unit of Institut Curie for a third year. The AYA department of Institut Curie is one of only 3 dedicated units in France specifically treating adolescents and young adults with cancer, with particular attention to the 15-25 age group. In 2021 and 2022, Kartesia financed the programme of activities offered all year long by the AYA unit to the young patients (sports, music, cooking classes, etc.). In 2023, Kartesia Philanthropy extends its financial support to two new programmes. The first one is the creation of a AYA social fund with the objective to financially assist the families of the patients to cover several costs such as additional care, accommodation, or funeral expenses. Next to that, Kartesia Philanthropy will finance a photography workshop, “Under the spotlight”. Hair loss, weight loss and other disease-related stigmas can damage the image that teenagers have of themselves. The “Under the spotlight” workshop aims to highlight their beauty and allow them to gently reclaim their image.

Olivia Hendrickx Research

Our support to the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund in Belgium

In October 1999, Olivia was only two years old, when diagnosed with a brain tumor. For six months, her doctors and parents struggled to save her life. The known medication as therapies at the time could unfortunately not save her. Olivia died on the 10th of April 2000. Her parents created the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund, a fund fully dedicated to pediatric oncology research.

Both Kartesia Philanthropy and Kartesia Benelux portfolio companies provide financial support to this association. Kartesia members are committed to this cause as well and ran the 20km of Brussels to raise funds.

Kartesia Philanthropy

Our support to National Numeracy in the UK

Kartesia Philanthropy is proud to support National Numeracy, an independent charity founded in 2012 with a mission to address low levels of numeracy among both adults and children. Additionally, the charity is dedicated to championing the significance of everyday mathematical skills throughout the UK. National Numeracy is committed to equipping individuals with the numeracy proficiency necessary to unlock their full potential, whether it be in school, at home, or in the workplace.
Kartesia supports National Numeracy financially, but also through its volunteering programme. The Kartesia UK team leads classroom-based sessions to help educate children on a range of real-life numeracy skills. Our volunteering sessions will equip children to overcome ‘maths anxiety’, developing a positive attitude towards maths and improving numeracy skills which will in turn support them in future career prospects


Our support to Marion La Main Tendue

Kartesia has partnered with Marion La Main Tendue, an association dedicated to the fight against bullying and cyber bullying. Founded in 2013 by Nora Fraisse, whose daughter Marion committed to suicide on the back of multiple bullying events at school, this association has been working tirelessly to raise awareness, provide support, and protect victims in order to foster safer educational environments.

Kartesia Philanthropy aims to expand the visibility of Marion La Main Tendue internationally, notably in countries where Kartesia is active (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain). These efforts will focus on facilitating educational workshops for youth, parents, and teachers.

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