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New Deal Sewan

Kartesia provides €75 million investment to telecom group Sewan

Kartesia is pleased to announce a €75 million investment to support the growth of Sewan (the Company), a leading BtoB telecom operator in France and Spain.

Founded in 2007, Sewan offers voice, mobile, internet access and hosting services to SMEs in France and Spain. Differentiated from competitors by a unique 100% automated operating model and a white label offering through a network of independent distributors, Sewan offers a reliable and high-quality service, supported by a proprietary online interface. These factors have contributed to the fast paced growth of the Company, which now serves 750,000 end-users and forecasts revenues of €116 million in 2019.

In 2016, the Company made its first international acquisition, the VOIP and cloud services provider Vozelia, in Spain and more recently the acquisition of 3StarsNet a Belgian operator. On the basis of the successful integration of this entity and validating ability to effectively reproduce its French commercial success abroad, the Company is partnering with Kartesia to finance further acquisitions across Europe, whilst maintaining commercial roll-out in historical markets, including the deployment of new products and technologies.
Julien Rigon, Director at Kartesia, said, “Sewan is a recognised leader in a competitive and technical market, following years of providing a highly credible alternative solution to customers that have been historically poorly served by larger operators. With a proven track record to be competitive and grow market share, future expansion into new markets will further strengthen the fast-paced growth the Company has enjoyed to date.” 
Alexis De Goriaïnoff, co-founder and CEO of Sewan comments: “Our business is based on the strength of concept and real demand for better telecom services from SMEs. From inception we saw a clear gap in the market in France and is true across other European countries, where we believe there is significant opportunity. We are delighted that Kartesia sees the legitimacy of our proposal and has agreed to back the next stage of our development.”

About Sewan: 
Sewan is a 100% Cloud, user-oriented cloud operator.
Created in 2007, Sewan has 450 employees and 750,000 end users for a projected total revenue of 116 million euros in 2019.
Sewan aims to simplify the use of communications services that are essential to businesses. Sewan offers landline and mobile telephony, messaging, data, collaborative work, hosting and cloud services.
The company has a national network of more than 850 partners, including operators, IT integrators, telephone installers and Internet service providers.
More than 55,000 companies, including 1000 ETIs use its services.


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