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New deal in KCO IV: Desmet Ballestra

New deal in KCO IV: Desmet Ballestra

Kartesia announced today that it funded a new money acquisition line for Desmet Ballestra via its fund KCO IV. The proceeds were utilised for the acquisition of Mazzoni LB Spa, a Milan-based company being the global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of the full range of equipment for soap production, benefiting from a strong brand name, long-lasting relationships with customers and a significant exposure to developing economies in Africa and South America.

Desmet Ballestra ranks among the world’s leaders in plant engineering and supply for the food, chemical, personal care and energy industries. The group operates in five business segments – oils & fats, biodiesel, oleochemicals, detergents-surfactants and chemicals – to which soap has been added with this transaction. Kartesia previously invested in Desmet Ballestra through its fund KCO III.

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