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@aSmartWorld Partnership

Kartesia partners with @aSmartWorld to recycle mobile devices collected across its 7 offices

European consumers change smartphones every 2 years on average and the production of these smartphones leads to high CO2 emissions, consumes precious resources, only to leave electronic waste at the end of their lives, which is dangerous to the environment, and expensive to process. With this in mind, Kartesia decided to partner with Belgian start-up aSmartWorld in June of this year to collect the old or unused devices across our 7 European offices. 

aSmartWorld is a Belgian company that collects, tests and refurbishes mobile devices in order to sell them or to distribute them for a good cause. The company is working to build a more sustainable and humane world. They are also extending the lifespan of everyday products and helping to avoid the abundant use of scarce and expensive raw materials. By extending the lifespan of electronic devices, they significantly reduce the associated CO2 emissions.

Thanks to this partnership, we were able to help a non-profit called Hobo, which aims at supporting homeless persons in Belgium and reintegrating them into society. A nice and sustainable initiative for any Belgian-based company! 


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