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Exit: Potel & Chabot

Exit: Potel & Chabot

Kartesia is pleased to announce today that upon the refinancing of Potel & Chabot initiated by the issuance of new Senior loans, the Altercap funds were fully repaid at par of their investment into the Mezzanine debt issued by Potel & Chabot plus an equity-linked instrument.

Potel & Chabot is a leading catering services company for the high-end / luxury segment. Potel & Chabot now comprises almost 400 permanent employees (and up to 1500 at the busiest times of year), 6200 receptions and a turnover of 70 million euros. Company has a firmly anchored flagship at 3 rue de Chaillot, a logistics platform beside Paris, five prestigious reception sites in Paris, launches in the French Riviera, in Aquitaine, in Switzerland, in China and teams ready for action across the world: New York, Moscow, London, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

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