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Exit: Feu Vert

Exit: Feu Vert

Kartesia is pleased to announce today that upon the refinancing of Feu Vert initiated by the issuance of a new package of Senior and Mezzanine loans granted by part of the existing pool, the Altercap funds were fully repaid at par of their investment into the senior debt issued by Feu Vert.

The Feu Vert group is formed of two separate businesses: Feu Vert, leading auto centre operator in France and Impex, leading distributor of automobile and cycling products to retailers in France. Feu Vert is the number one auto centre operator in France and Spain, with a network of 307 centres in France and 81 in Spain. Feu Vert has also developed in Poland (20 centres) and in Portugal (8 centres).

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