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Exit : Batisanté

Exit : Batisanté

Kartesia is pleased to announce today that the Kartesia and Altercap funds were fully repaid at par of their investment into the senior debt issued by Batisante, following a full refinancing process. Kartesia acquired part of the outstanding debt of Batisanté end of last year while the Altercap funds were involved since 2012.


Founded in 1987, Batisante is a leading provider of health & safety services for multi-unit residential buildings (not commercial nor industrial) with a c.20% market share in the Paris area. Services include: (i) inspection & diagnosis services (c.60% of Sales), (ii) pest control/extermination (c.20%), (iii) fire safety (15%) and (iv) elevator inspection (5%). The group has broad customer base of >1,000 building managers and management companies who are responsible for approximately >50,000 buildings.

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