Task force takes on diversity and inclusion challenges - Kartesia

Task force takes on diversity and inclusion challenges

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Following our Q4 internal Diversity & Inclusion survey, a Kartesia D&I task force has been created. Indeed 6 team members, namely Serafina, George, Sharif, Pamela, Ariane and Coralie, volunteered to further develop initiatives enhancing D&I within the firm.

Having clearly identified and motivated colleagues actively involved on the subject demonstrates Kartesia’s commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. The members of the task force bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table and are well-positioned to lead the responsibility in promoting D&I amongst their peers.
Their main focus is on maintaining an inclusive culture. This involves continuously encouraging open dialogue and communication, as well as providing training and education to employees.

Overall, the creation of the task force is another step forward for Kartesia. By bringing together a dedicated team of individuals with the skills and expertise to drive change, the firm takes a proactive approach to support diversity and inclusion within its ranks. With no doubt, Kartesia nurtures and fosters a respectful workplace for all.