Kartesia supports the Vanreusel Family in regaining full control of Beltaste - Kartesia

Kartesia supports the Vanreusel Family in regaining full control of Beltaste

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Kartesia, the European specialist provider of capital solutions for small and mid-sized companies, is pleased to announce the closing of a new investment, allowing Paul-Emmanuel and Roel Vanreusel to regain full control over Beltaste (“the Company”).

Beltaste was founded in 1953 as a family business by the Vanreusel Family. With the “Vanreusel” and “Oma Bobs” brands and through private label products, the company has since become a leading producer of frozen snacks for out-of-home, retail and B2B customers. Headquartered in Belgium, the group has consolidated its leading position in the Belgian and Dutch markets in recent years with the support of former shareholder Apheon. It currently has three production locations – one in Hamont-Achel (Belgium), one in Morahalom (Hungary) and another in Aalsmeer (The Netherlands).

Kartesia is delighted to partner with the Vanreusel family and the group’s high-quality Management Team and will actively support the Group’s future development.

The deal team at Kartesia was composed of Lise Campforts, Associate; Gaëtan Valcke, Associate Director; and Jean Diercxsens, Partner and Head of the Netherlands & Belgium. The capital for this transaction was drawn from Kartesia’s Credit Opportunities strategy.

Jean Diercxsens, Partner & Head of the Netherlands and Belgium at Kartesia, commented: “We are very excited to partner with the Vanreuseul family and allow them to regain the control and management of a business they have successfully built over more than 40 years of operations. We are confident that with the financial support and expertise of our experienced team in Brussels, Beltaste can capitalise on market trends and solidify its position as a market leader in the Benelux region.”