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Kartesia supports the development of Groupe Cair


Kartesia, the European specialist in debt and intermediate capital solutions for small and mid-sized companies is pleased to announce a new investment of €45million to support Groupe Cair in its growth strategy.

Back in 1987, Georges Gaston Lopez and his son Georges Antoine Lopez founded Groupe Cair and its CAIR LGL division, which specialises in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of single-use medical devices. These devices cater to needs in nutrition, infusion, ventilation, and chemotherapy. CAIR LGL has grown into a European leader and a key partner to health institutions across the globe, owing to its innovative, proprietary product offering, a recognised internal manufacturing set-up, and top-tier quality and service rate.

Over the years, Groupe Cair expanded its operations into other areas, notably with the establishment of IGL in 2003. IGL specialises in the production of high-quality organ conservation solutes and perfusion machines, primarily for the kidney transplantation segment. As a pioneer in the sector, IGL developed one of the most reputed products across the world, IGL-1. Due to its comprehensive knowledge of organ transplantation requirements, extensive regulatory expertise, and a constant focus on innovation, IGL maintains a robust stake in the market. IGL is currently undergoing significant expansion into international markets, recently marked by the opening of a new production plant in Latin America and a widening product offering in the US market.

The Group kicked off a new phase of its development in 2021 when Alexandre Lopez, grandson of Georges Gaston Lopez, took the role of CEO at Groupe Cair. The Lopez family, the main shareholder of the group, Kartesia, and the management team all share a common ambition of the Group’s further expansion. This will be accomplished through a large-scale investment program that will aim to: (i) increase Cair LGL’s production capacity, and (ii) enlarge the product offering for IGL. To achieve these objectives, Kartesia will provide a bespoke financing solution through its Kartesia Credit Opportunities franchise.

Julien Rigon, Head of France at Kartesia: “We are proud to support Groupe Cair in this new chapter of its long-standing history. We are convinced that our financial and operational support will provide the group with the right means to materialise its growth ambitions. The Group already enjoys strong fundamentals, with a highly relevant offering towards patients, in specific niches where the need for innovation represents strong value creation drivers. We are in complete alignment with the Lopez family and the management team on the key strategic objectives ahead, which should enable us to jointly grow the Group into a new stage of its development.”

Alexandre Lopez, CEO of Groupe Cair: “We strongly value Kartesia’s arrival in the group, as it will help us deliver our ambitious development plan for the years to come, looking to continue establishing Groupe Cair as an unavoidable player and fulfilling our core mission of enhancing health support for patients around the world. We are pleased to collaborate with the Kartesia team and benefit from their support on our various projects; a highly exciting period is opening up for us.”

George Antoine Lopez, the majority shareholder of Groupe Cair: “Kartesia’s expertise in investing and supporting mid-sized companies will be an invaluable asset for us in the context of our strong growth. Together, we will do all we can to reinforce the capacities of the group, increase our international presence and continually improve the quality of healthcare. This new and important step is an exciting evolution for Groupe Cair and is a testimony to our continuous commitment to innovate and excel. We are looking forward to working closely with Kartesia and making our vision a reality: seeing Groupe Cair as a clear global leader in patient services.”