Kartesia provides financing for Rivean Capital's acquisition of Green Mobility Holding - Kartesia

Kartesia provides financing for Rivean Capital's acquisition of Green Mobility Holding

Press Release

Kartesia, a leading European specialist provider of financing solutions, is pleased to announce its role in boosting sustainable mobility in Europe through its support for Rivean Capital’s acquisition of a majority stake in Green Mobility Holding (GMH), one of Europe’s leading technology-based e-bike leasing groups. This transaction is marked as Kartesia’s inaugural collaboration with Rivean Capital, facilitated by a strategic financing package under Kartesia’s innovative KSO strategy.

Promoting a future of clean, healthy, and sustainable commuting, GMH, with its recognised brands Company Bike and mein-dienstrad.de, leverages technology to lease e-bikes to companies and their employees. This pioneering initiative encourages healthier lifestyles, contributes to employee satisfaction, and significantly reduces carbon emissions. The strategic acquisition by Rivean Capital aims to amplify these positive ESG impacts by driving the continued growth of GMH in Germany and bolstering its expansion across other European markets. GMH is headquartered in Munich and has over 200 employees across Germany, with revenue of around €140 million in the previous year.

As the only provider with direct access to bicycle and e-bike manufacturers and its own delivery and service network, GMH offers a uniquely integrated service. The acquisition will allow further enhancement of GMH’s digital platform, connecting companies with bike dealers, manufacturers, and leasing providers, improving access to a more sustainable lifestyle.

“We are thrilled to be a part of GMH’s growth journey,” comments Sebastian Afflerbach, Associate Director at Kartesia. “Kartesia’s financing solution under the KSO strategy is designed to support innovative, growing companies like GMH. We believe that Rivean Capital’s acquisition will advance GMH’s mission of transforming mobility and will be a substantial driver of positive social and environmental impact.”

Matthias Wilcken, Senior Partner at Rivean Capital, added, “Our investment philosophy is based on value creation by means of digitalization, internationalization, and a focus on sustainability. These aspects, which drive our investment decisions, will also play a crucial role in the further growth of GMH. That makes us ideal partners.”