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Kartesia Philanthropy partners with Marion La Main Tendue in its fight against bullying

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Marion La Main Tendue, an association dedicated to the fight against bullying and cyber bullying. Founded in 2013 by Nora Fraisse, whose daughter Marion committed to suicide on the back of multiple bullying events at school, this association has been working tirelessly to raise awareness, provide support, and protect victims in order to foster safer educational environments.

Kartesia Philanthropy aims to expand the visibility of Marion La Main Tendue internationally, notably in countries where Kartesia is active (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain). These efforts will focus on facilitating educational workshops for youth, parents, and teachers.

As a leader in addressing this global societal issue, Marion La Main Tendue is actively involved in the pHARe program, the French government’s anti-bullying action plan. The association’s approach is built on three key initiatives:

• Support for victims: Marion La Main Tendue offers support to affected children, their families, educational staff and all individuals affected by bullying and cyber bullying.

• Awareness & prevention: The association offers public conferences, on-field trainings and open-dialogues regarding school bullying. These sessions aim to provide the necessary tools to detect signs of bullying and prevent violence.

• La Maison de Marion: Launched in December 2020, La Maison de Marion symbolises the association’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe place to host and support victims and their relatives.

For more information and to support the association, please visit https://www.marionlamaintendue.com/.