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Kartesia implements Reporting21 platform

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In December 2022, Kartesia implemented Reporting21’s platform to facilitate the collection and monitoring of ESG data. Since inception, we have strived to remain best-in-class in terms of sustainability. The need for even more reliable ESG data to be integrated in our investment processes and decisions incentivized us to search for a tool monitoring non-financial performance. Also, the demand and need for reliable ESG data and reporting has accelerated significantly over the last year. On the one hand, we have seen an increasing demand from our investors regarding CSR & ESG and on the other, the EU SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) reporting has added a regulatory incentive to start such a project.

Reporting21 is a SaaS platform that helps to collect key environmental, social and governance data from our portfolio companies and allows for automated reporting for each of them, as well as consolidated reporting for each fund. On top of making ESG data more effective in our decision making, this new tool will bring added value for our investors, but also for our portfolio companies as Reporting21 will support them in building an annual ESG report and generate an ESG scorecard once the data has been filled in by the company’s management. This is the latest step in our journey to build a sustainable path to enriched and accurate ESG data.