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Introduction to Kartesia philanthropy


In December 2022, Kartesia was excited to announce the creation of Kartesia Philanthropy, a vehicle under the umbrella of King Baudouin Foundation that serves as a way for us to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the world. Kartesia Philanthropy aims at partnering with and financially supporting charities focusing on children health and education, as key drivers of social change to improve the living standards of future generations. We are committed to being a responsible asset manager, and the creation of this vehicle is just one way that we are demonstrating that commitment.

Collaboration with King Baudouin Foundation
Headquartered in Brussels, the King Baudouin Foundation is a European foundation that is active in Belgium, Europe and internationally. Over the years, they have developed an extensive network across the world that has enabled them to become a leading actor in cross-border philanthropy. This network, which is constantly developing, is an essential tool for philanthropists wishing to act for the common good, in their own country and/or abroad.

The King Baudouin Foundation support individuals and businesses that wish to commit to a better world and give meaning to their activities. Taking into account specific needs and objectives, they develop together with each philanthropist a made-to-measure concept that ensures maximum impact and sustainable results. One of their tools for SMEs is the charity account, the one we chose. With the Kartesia Philanthropy charity account, the King Baudouin Foundation provides us support and expertise in our choice of charitable work and guarantee the monitoring of projects that we have chosen to support.

AYA unit of Institut Curie (40.000€, France)
As its first commitment, Kartesia Philanthropy has decided to extend its support to the AYA (Adolescents & Young Adults) unit of Institut Curie for a third year. The AYA (Adolescents & Young Adults) department of Institut Curie is one of only 3 dedicated units in France specifically treating adolescents and young adults with cancer, with particular attention to the 15-25 age group. In 2021 and 2022, Kartesia financed the program of activities offered all year long by the AYA unit to the young patients (sports, music, cooking classes, etc.). In 2023, Kartesia Philanthropy extends its financial support for the AYA activities’ program for a third year and starts the financing of two new programs. The first one is the creation of a AYA social fund with the objective to financially assist the families of the patients to cover several costs such as additional care, accommodation or funeral expenses. Next to that, Kartesia Philanthropy will finance a photography workshop, “Under the spotlight”. Hair loss, weight loss and other disease-related stigmas can damage the image that teenagers have of themselves. The “Under the spotlight” workshop aims to highlight their beauty and allow them to gently reclaim their image.

Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund (11.000€ collected by the Kartesia Benelux deal team, doubled by Kartesia Philanthropy, Belgium)
In October 1999, when Olivia was only two years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. During the next six months, her doctors and parents attempted to save her life but the existing therapies proved to be inadequate. Olivia died on the 10th of April 2000.

During Olivia’s sickness, her parents learned a lot about the world of medicine. They were stunned to discover that researchers are mostly dependent on grants. In order to foster financial support for research in paediatric oncology Ilse and Eddy Hendrickx decided to create a fund in the name of their deceased daughter. The Olivia Fund’s objective is to fund paediatric oncology research on a continuing basis with a focus on finding new therapies.

On Sunday May 28th, Kartesia colleagues ran the 20km of Brussels for this Belgian-headquartered non-profit. The Kartesia team has received financial support from our Benelux portfolio companies and the money raised was doubled by Kartesia’s Philanthropy.

Thanks to support from charity events like this one, for more than 20 years the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund has become a well-established organisation, giving hope to sick children and their parents. More than ever The Olivia Fund aims to encourage innovative cancer research.

National Numeracy (20.000£, UK)
Kartesia Philanthropy has also started supporting National Numeracy, an independent charity established in 2012 to help raise low levels of numeracy among both adults and children and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills in the UK.

Kartesia will support National Numeracy financially, but also through its volunteering programme. The Kartesia UK team will be trained to lead classroom-based sessions to help educate children on a range of real-life numeracy skills. The programme is focused on supporting communities with low number confidence and skills, directly developing the building blocks of social mobility in areas of need. Our volunteering sessions will equip children to overcome ‘maths anxiety’, developing a positive attitude towards maths and improving numeracy skills which will in turn support them in their future career prospects.