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Edito : expanding our horizons

Press Release

Welcome to the latest edition of the Kartesia newsletter, which comes at a very interesting time for our business, not only from a dealmaking perspective (with lots of new transactions already closed this year) but also about the expansion of the firm into new asset classes and with a greater commitment to sustainability and philanthropy.
Earlier this year we announced an exciting partnership with Flexam Asset Management, a leading European fund manager involved in real asset financing in the lower-mid market. This positioning makes Flexam a very complementary partner for Kartesia and gives us access to a part of the market to which we previously had very little exposure.

Under this partnership, Flexam will retain its existing management and investment autonomy, while benefiting from the operating and financial resources, distribution network, and scale of Kartesia to enter the next stage of its exciting growth trajectory.

European real asset markets have been experiencing something of a downturn over the past couple of years, with an increasing number of asset owners looking for refinancing to bolster their ability to renew their asset base thereby ensuring energy transition to lower carbon intensive transportation or logistic solutions. Flexam’s position in the market means it is ideally placed to offer innovative financing solutions to these asset owners and deliver superior returns for investors in their own but also Kartesia’s funds.

2023 also marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Kartesia, a milestone we are proud to celebrate as we continue to support Europe’s leading small and mid-sized companies with innovative financing solutions across our now five distinct strategies. Many of the employees who started at the firm when we launched in 2013 are still employed by Kartesia, clear evidence that we have managed to foster a successful and inclusive environment where staff are engaged and feel motivated to work hard. Long may this continue!

This newsletter also looks at our increased efforts to make a difference in the communities in which we work and invest, the best example of which is our Kartesia Philanthropy programme. Every single member of the Kartesia team has committed to helping these communities with both financial support and the dedication of their leisure time, meaning truly inspirational non-profit organisations like Institut Curie, Olivia Fund and National Numeracy can count on our support. We are very proud of this initiative and hope to increase its impact in the months and years to come. More details of this can be found later in this newsletter but also at length in our Sustainability Report, which has just been made available on our website.