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Kufner Textil

Investment size
Investment type
Initial Investment
March 2015
Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods

Borrower Overview

  • Top 5 global technical textiles manufacturer with a European/Asian production footprint
  • Global distribution network, spanning across >20 countries

Deal Description

  • Initially approached by M&A advisor to provide financing for secondary LBO
  • Directly liaised with existing sponsor to push our dividend recap solution as an alternative

Kartesia Contribution

  • Complex underlying market requiring thorough commercial due diligence, co-ordinated by Kartesia
  • Upcoming strategic options required flexibility on timing and structure of the financing and process
  • Stability of Kufner’s core business was able to successfully defend pricing due to quality in service


  • Historically interlaced group and financing structure addressed by a segregated, ring fenced Unitranche
  • Patience (nine months) and flexibility enabled sponsor to distribute sizeable dividend to its LPs, whilst maintaining full control of the company
  • Kufner‘s debt has been repaid in full on in December 2017 upon the sale of the company


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