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Portfolio Manager Coralie De Maesschalck and Investment Manager Jean Diercxsens join Kartesia

Coralie De Maesschalck

Portfolio Manager Coralie De Maesschalck and Investment Manager Jean Diercxsens join Kartesia

We are pleased to welcome Jean Diercxsens who will more particularly support Kartesia's development in Benelux from our Brussels office, and Coralie De Maesschalck, who joins us as Portfolio Manager, a cornerstone middle-office position which aims at reinforcing the integration between Kartesia’s back office and our investment team.


“Core part of my job is to collect and to structure all information on our portfolio, so that we always have a clear view on our activity and cash flows” Coralie explains. “A diversified debt portfolio requests a disciplined monitoring to properly follow interest payments or capitalizations, partial or full pull to par”.

In order to further formalize Kartesia’s internal processes and to facilitate growth, Coralie is also in charge of designing and implementing a comprehensive procedure manual able to guide step by step all Kartesia executives from deal origination to deal making and monitoring. “We created a detailed procedure handbook that covers the investment process from the sourcing of the deal to the exit, to build consistency into our business operations as well as to speed up decision making and ensure compliance with regulations at each stage of a deal. This handbook will serve as an authoritative source to answer day to day company questions and will naturally be updated on a yearly basis to reflect best practices and regulation updates”.


Lastly, Coralie is in charge of Kartesia’s ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) policy. In the past, she participated in various UNPRI conferences and leaded roundtables discussions regarding Responsible Investing in Private Equity by family offices.

Coralie is a firm believer in the merit of ESG: “ESG is one of my favourite topics. Kartesia already has a Responsible Investment policy which includes businesses and activities in which we will not invest and a referral list of activities that we may invest in, but which are highly sensitive and require significant additional scrutiny. For instance, the team does not invest in alcohol manufacturing or tobacco companies. My objective is to implement new tools and KPIs to monitor ESG criteria in our portfolio: workforce and equality at work, training of employees, existing boards and committees, existing environmental policy, etc.”. Coralie explains that she will focus first on Kartesia’s primary debt investments “given our closeness to company’s top management”.

“As investors, we believe that ESG has an impact on companies’ long term performance and reputation. And as individuals, we want to act in a responsible way” she says.